Wedding Tales Two

Wedding Tales Two

On 3rd August,I watched one of my best friends walk down the aisle.My heart literally burst with joy.I was overwhelmed.

I also had the privilege of being highly involved during her wedding preparations as treasurer and coordinator.

Here are a few things that I learnt that could make your wedding preparations easier if your next in line;

+Negotiate good deals with all service providers.It helps when you know them personally or a friend has used them before.All service providers for the wedding were friends to either the bride,groom,myself or someone we knew.

+Decor package-The decor package ought to include bride`s bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets as well as bridal cars. Don’t forget to discuss this with the decorator. We had totally forgotten about the bride and brides maids bouquets.

+Food tasting and makeup trials-Plan for food tasting,cake tasting, and make-up trials. You need to know what to expect,make changes with the service providers as you guide them.

+Agree on numbers. Know the number of people you are planning to invite and be strict about it.Remember numbers inflate budgets.

+Committee-Ensure that the committee is filled with people who can do their job without being reminded.

+Church-Upon agreeing on church,find out what requirements and payments the church needs in order for you to get married.Then get them sorted ASAP.

+Order of service-Ask the church for an order of service and go ahead and personalize it to your liking. Get your song list that ought to comprise of walk in songs for groom ,groomsmen,bride and brides maids,plus the rest o the service. 

+ Reception venue-Choose a church that is not too far from your reception venue. Agatha and Manzi had their wedding at St.Luke church in Ntinda and the reception venue was Kabira Country Club. Kabira is a stone`s throw away from the church.

+Photography-Meet with your photographer way before the wedding day and agree on what he/she ought to focus on,where the after church shoot will happen and pre-wedding shoot.  

+After church shoot-Try as much as possible to have this in close proximity to the reception venue. Agatha and Manzi had their shoot at Kabira. If you can have it at a venue that doubles as your reception venue,it will save you so much time.

+Pre-marital counselling-Some churches are not keen on pre-marital counseling therefore get a counselor or a couple you respect and start your pre-marital counseling journey.

+Emcee-Meet with your emcee and bounce off ideas for your program. agree on the flow of the program, who should speak first,when is the cake cut,and so much more.

+Hiring outfits-If you’re hiring the bridal  gown and brides maids dresses, have your national ID,work ID or driver’s permit in Uganda.You will need to leave some form of identification in order to have the outfits released to you. Endeavor to return the dresses in good condition.

+Finances-Co-ordinate finances with the committee and be in the loop about everything.

+Pay the service providers 70% ASAP and,keep paying up so by wedding day everyone is sorted.And in case they are not, keep in touch with the service providers and PAY THEM BACK. It’s good manners.

Decor: Unique Liz

Bridal Gown: Penny Bold Bridal

What else do you think couples in the preparation stage should pay attention too??

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  1. Nice one Rach,
    Also the music! You should agree on which kind of music for the reception. Music plays a rich part, and it must on point for each session.

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