Love Has Come-A concert

Love Has Come-A concert

Today,I come bearing good tidings,“Love Has Come.” You must be wondering  where has Love come from,to who ,by who and where do you put it or what do you do with it?? Sit back and I give you all the 411.

Love Has Come is a concert organised by Worship Harvest- Kibuye,one of the many locations under Worship Harvest Ministries.

It is happening on 13th December ,2018 at Muganzirwaza commercial building (the home of Worship Harvest Kibuye) from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Tickets go for 10,000/=

The concert is a way of giving thanks to God for all the great things He has done and continues to do at Worship Harvest Kibuye. What better way to celebrate than through music with the world.

The headlining artist is  Brian Lubega who has popular and loved songs like Nungamya, Wakitiibwa,Wegukubira -my personal favorite under his belt.Check him out of Facebook-

Brian Lubega 

Walter Wa an artist,producer and the location pastor of #WH-Kibuye will be ministering in some of his songs Kaneyagale,Njayaniragwe,Winner featuring Levixone. Check out his music on soundCloud –

Denis Beloved a versatile artist, with songs like Taking over,New Creation and Inyin Yesu(one of my favorite songs) and You do me well. Check out his music on soundCloud , Facebook

See you there!!

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