Taking Stock Three

Taking Stock Three

Making: more time for prayer.

Eating: matooke & groundnuts stew(katogo).

Drinking:Lots of water. This has become a ritual.

Reading:Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.

Wanting:To attend Praise Fest hosted by CITAM church in Kenya,and Travis Greene is on the lineup. It’s happening on 30th November, a day after my birthday. Just had to put it out there.??

Playing:Trap house (1-3)sermons by Pastor John Gray.

Wasting: no time in petty parties. I can’t deal with petty people.

Creating:content that makes me happy

Wishing:For a getaway in November.

Enjoying:Watching #Crystal1on1 by Crystal A.Newman. Her you tube channel is everything. There is power in telling your story.

Wondering:how we can help our girls stop the self doubt.


Loving:the season I am in .

Hoping: I understand how much God loves me and it sinks in. He is a good good father.

Marvelling: at how God is always speaking to us.

Smelling: coconut oil (I use it in my hair & on my body).

Wearing: necklaces with literally everything. ???

Following: Lisa Bevere, this lady is amazing. Her content is good and she is passionate about ladies. This is a setup by God.

Noticing: how readers of the blog, prefer this series to book reviews.??

Knowing: God is strategic .He doesn’t waste time,energy, resources. There is a climax to everything you’ve been through.

Bookmarking: quotes from Obama’s book, Dreams from my Father.

Opening: up to myself. Learning to be vulnerable with me.Allowing my self to understand me, my pain, my worries, my feelings.They matter.I matter.

Giggling: at the fact that TV is plastic,what you see is not what you get.

Feeling:loved & excited about November.

Happy November,

Love on Love


©Racheal Kizza 2018

15 thoughts on “Taking Stock Three

  1. Wishing & marveling @the same too

    Pteferring the new series too …
    Liking what you are opening up yourself too. ..

    Learning : the art of listening from God & making intentional time with Him ( through reading & reading the word till I hear Him & meet Him there)

    Goals: To be & being disciplined in spiritual, financial areas in ways that make my father happy & glorify Him

    Praying for : Guidance in preparations for my forthcoming exams on 27,28&29 Nov 2018 & excellence in the same.

    Thinking : About love
    Bears all things , Believes all things, Hopes all things , endures all things .

    John 3:16 ?

  2. Thank you for your sharing. I am worried that I lack creative ideas. It is your article that makes me full of hope. Thank you. But, I have a question, can you help me?

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