Start, Stop, Continue

Start, Stop, Continue

On Saturday 6th January 2024, I met Jackie Asiimwe and the alumni of the GROW programme, cohort two for a WALK, TALK, Connect with Jackie. I have written about my walk and reflections on the blog. Out of the large group only a few of us could make it for the walk. (We also have male colleagues in the group but only the ladies made it this particular morning.)

L-R: Jackie, Myself, Hellena, Amanda and Grace.

We assembled at the entrance of Capital FM at 6:30 am and if you have met Jackie, then you know she’s a stickler for time. Try not to be late when you’re going to meet her. Obviously a few members were late but we held the space for them. Lesson one of the day, as leaders your people will not keep time, nor will they accomplish tasks the way you desire. But what do you do? How do you respond to them? With each ‘latecomer’, Jackie was gracious. We waited on them. Directed them to the route we have communicated. In short we communicated to them and with them with grace.

We walked through Kololo and if you’re like me and Kololo is a maze, try walking through it. I spotted the Equatorial Guinea embassy (I didn’t know we had it!!). 

During the walk, Jackie asked each of us to share how we are, 2023 summary and lessons and plans for 2024. We were encouraged to answer the questions with honesty and vulnerability that is required of leaders when they are surrounded by fellow leaders.

I was astounded by the raw honesty of each lady. May this be something I incorporate in my conversations in the new year.

We walked back in the same direction we had come from at the beginning of our walk. We had agreed to have breakfast and we chose Cafesserie Kampala at Acacia mall. We each ordered  from their breakfast options that have an array of healthy options such as muesli and yoghurt, fresh fruit and juice and whole grain bread (this is yummy with butter).  

As we munched on our breakfast, we were asked about the things/habits we plan to Start, Stop and Continue. I will share my answers for purposes of accountability. (I plan to give updates throughout the year).  

I will start my Masters programme enrollment process, romanticising myself again and swimming. I used to practice romanticising myself a few years ago but due to life’s knocks, I fell off the road. As I reflected on new practices for 2024, it tagged on my heart strings. I want to nourish my soul during solo dates, travels, walks, sleep in, reading, dancing, painting, driving, holding conversations with myself and my loved ones.

I plan to stop putting myself in harm’s way. While reflecting on 2023, I noticed habits that I had acquired that brought me pain and drained me emotionally.

I will continue reading books and journals, being active at the gym and practising contentment.

The ladies would cheer on as one stated their starts and things they hope to continue doing while offering advice and experiences. This meeting affirmed me and reminded me of the importance of community.

As you venture deeply into the new year, I will ask you the same questions that Jackie put before us, What habits/things do you hope to START, STOP and CONTINUE? 

Happy New Year. May you thrive and experience joy as you stabilize in the places of your calling and gifting. 

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