Book Review: Stranger In My Bed by Penelope Sanyu

Book Review: Stranger In My Bed by Penelope Sanyu

Love is a beautiful thing but its laced with pain yet we still yearn for it. Naomi and Daniel are yearning for a love coupled with understanding, attention and affection. 

They are in love but there’s continuous struggle due to  trauma and selfish desires. Naomi like most women chooses to love her man despite of it all. I felt so much emphathy for her. Like many of us, you simply want that relationship to work out against all odds.🙄😛

Stranger In My Bed reads like a fairytale laced with names and places that are relatable as its set in Uganda.👏🏿
The novella has potential to be a great novel exploring contemporary themes. The downside was it felt rushed and had glaring plot holes. I felt sad reading about the characters and not fully getting into their lives.

Sanyu’s writing has potential to give us a novel. I hope she develops this further into a full blown novel and allows us an indepth look into Naome and Daniel’s lives and the complexities of adult relationships.

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