Coca cola has a very interesting tagline,“open a coke, open happiness.” In other words,unless you uncap a coke bottle, you cannot enjoy its contents nor experience happiness…hehehe

Uncap is defined as removing a limit or restriction.Therefore remove whatever lids and restrictions you have put on your potential so you share happiness with the world.

There things that clog our wells stalling the God ordained order; our well springs and fountains are disrupted forcing us to lose the excellence we ought to exude. Well clogs could include peer pressure, sex and drug addictions, low self esteem, negative self talk, poor parenting , among others.

These clogs cap our limitless potential and they put a seal where there ought to be no seal.

God in His wisdom , as an omnipotent father has given us a part of Him and desires we function with no caps on. So how dare we allow our wells of potential to be clogged, under utilized???

We must not put a ceiling where its an open roof. Allow room for growth, creativity and expansion. Unclog every well and dig deep to generate the best and be the best.

In order to  to get the cream, we need to unclog our wells through choosing to remain attached to the source-God. In John 14:26“ But the helper the holy spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things..” NKJV

Allow the holy spirit to dig out your potential, work with Him because He alone is your guaranteed Helper.

``Remember what you see is merely a shadow of your potential.” Myles Monroe

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