Make Plans:Set goals

Make Plans:Set goals

We can`t go through life without planning.

The discipline starts from home when we plan for meals,compiling a to do list for the day , as one goes shopping in the market, etc.God expects us  to plan out our visions and how to achieve them in order to actually achieve them.

If you must go somewhere, you should have a plan and clarity of vision is a great way to start .

Plans according to Myles Monroe are, documented imaginations. If you can document an imagination, you`ve developed a plan for action.”

You will agree with me that life gets busy and deadlines set in that  we lose site of our plans which accelerates into forgetfulness and  loss of enthusiasm. It is important to keep site of the goals and plans made.

If you must, keep them as your painting by your bedside.Chart them out  so they are the first and last thing you see when you get up.

Besides making plans and setting goals, your plans must be reviewed on a daily basis to allow your imagination run wild and make achieving of the dream a reality.

Let your plans consume you ……..

If you don`t set goals , there will be no real progress. You will end up disoriented, disillusioned, misguided and frustrated .

Allow your mind to run wild as you become the Leonardo da Vinci of your future; carving out a smile at each milestone by growing the discipline of making plans and setting goals.

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