Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure

Life is a hustle and bustle and it is easy to forget what beautiful looks like.We merely look but don`t see,everything seems to be running across as if in a fanfare or is it us doing the running?

There is beauty is all things in the midst of  life`s circus.In order to create beauty out of ashes, a bird out of wood, dress out of nothing,then we must intentionally stop, see and create.

We all have creative genes by virtue of the God who created us. He made us in HIS OWN IMAGE. The image which is comprised of creativity and innovation.We are mineral mines with potential to display all minerals that you can think of or imagine.

In my senior two, i had a plain black vest and a number of colored buttons thus qualifying as a collector of things. I keep broken earrings, chains, tattered clothes with a vision of re-creating. Back to my story, I decided to attach my colored buttons to my plain black vest and i loved it even more though not more than my friends . They wondered and asked where i bought the vest from and on telling them i re-created  it ,they had the “shut up and get out of here ” look.

Creativity will be birthed from us when we stop and challenge ourselves to create and re-create. We cannot say we have no resources; resources are at our disposal all year round. How come people are recycling plastics and making valuable material out of them? Look at the artists who use bottles in their art and we pay lump-sums of money for their creativity.

Look around and you will see value in those tyres, broken cups, maize combs, broken jewellery, tattered clothes…..see value in trash.

Give your mind time to think and create because the longer you keep at the creativity game, the more your mind goes wild and bursts with ideas.

You need to intentionally stop, see and create. 

What are you creating?

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