Taking Stock 24

Taking Stock 24

Hey good people, how did the month of love treat y`all. Did you feel the valentine`s day pressure? I FELT IT. This year the pressure was like a whirlwind awakening every sleeping lover. I went to a shopping mall to buy lunch with a friend and the flower bouquets, long queues in supermarkets, lovers holding hands was like a site from a movie. Was it like this in your area code? Were you the lover who was awakened to send flowers, chocolate or some lovey dovey texts? OR were you the person trying to shoot their shot?

Well, I was none of the above. I spent the day with a mentor-friend, we had a sumptuous meal and good conversation and I later returned to my house.

But the organizers of the Afrobloggers awards were not sleeping on that post-Valentine gift. It came wrapped in an announcement. My blog which was nominated in the best lifestyle blog category won the title. Now we may address the blog as the Best Lifestyle blog. Nothing beats a purpose-related win.

Here is an all-round catch up of my February:

Making: time to pray for my new season, read a chapter from Proverbs daily; read books and have conversations with dope people.

 Eating: vegetables alongside every meal.

Drinking: warm water and tea with weeds like lemongrass, rosemary, ginger, and verbena leaves. (I have a friend who calls them weeds – inside joke alert😂😂)

Reading: The Color Purple by Alice Walker, An American Marriage by Tayari Jones, Bridgerton series:  The Viscount Who Loved Me, An Offer From A Gentleman and Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Wanting: to discuss books and more books. At Three strands book club, we had our first book discussion and it was everything delicious and riveting.

Wasting: no time in celebrating my friends and pursuing passion projects.

Wishing: for more time to FOCUS. So much is calling for my attention but I can`t do it all in 24 hours.

Wondering: why we want to control the open doors that are open before us.

Hoping: for luxury, uncommon victories, and rain because Kampala is hot and dusty.

Marvelling: at how much work goes into pursuing one`s purpose and dreams.

Smelling: fresh air. Have you stopped to smell the air? I know we always breathe air but have you stop to intentionally smell the air? Try it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale. Do that again and again. hehehe!

Wearing: jeans. Nothing beats a nice pair of jeans. Own as many pairs as you can muster😉.

Following: Three Strands Book Club on Instagram (Don`t be shy to follow the acocunt😛😛)

Noticing: the love I have received from bloggers and friends since the announcement of the Afrobloggers awards 2020 winners. My friends couldn`t stop wishing me well and telling everyone about my win.

Knowing: this year is my year (I said it. My pastor didn`t tell me to say it.😂😂 I said it because I believe it😍😎)

Bookmarking: quotes from books I`m reading.

Feeling: proud. Three Strands Book club had its first virtual bookish meetup. It was overwhelming, exciting, and surreal. We discussed An American Marriage which I finally got out of my system. It’s a book on practical living according to Peggie.

Song dedication: Turning Around for Me by VaShwan Mitchell and Life is Easy by D-Reign and Michelle. House of D-Reign has superb talent and is creating DOPE gospel music that demands attention. That said, check out the song and tell me what you think.

May you experience uncommon victories in March.

Happy New month!!

8 thoughts on “Taking Stock 24

  1. I didn’t feel the Valentines pressure this year bse it was a Sunday so the office excitement was not there & that’s where it usually is felt …

    Making time to make memories with God & trying to set my mind on things above (Him), committing my plan, dreams , hopes ,fears, failures to God .

    Hoping for a defining March in this year 2021

  2. Amen to the uncommon victories…

    Proverbs 21:31
    The horse is made ready for the battle, but victory rests with the Lord.

  3. I honestly didn’t feel Valentine this year. It was just dry here. I checked online for pictures and videos just I could “awww” and I couldn’t find any😩

    February wasn’t so bad at all. I finished my exams on March 4th and I have to say that for 8 courses, it was stressful.

    Amen to uncommon victories, Rachael! Amen!

    Nothing beats wearing jeans tbh! Again, I like how you write these stocks!

    Also, congratulations on winning the Afroblogger award!!!💙

    1. What??Uganda was awash with lovers and so many flowers,etc. Congrats on finishing your exams. Thanks for the compliments and warm wishes on the Afrobloggers win.😍🥰 PS:I hope you keep up with your Taking Stock series on your blog.

      1. Nigeria was mehhhhh or maybe I didn’t notice😬

        Thank you! It was stressful but thank God!

        You’re welcome🤗

        I already did! I couldn’t fail on this one. I had to take stock!

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