On Friday, against my better judgement I stayed up later than usual on social media. I am glad I did. As I scrolled through my WhatsApp chats, something caught my attention: a link by afro bloggers announcing nominations for the afro bloggers awards 2020. I quickly skimmed through and found my blog just lying there in the Lifestyle section. *insert happy dance*

I smiled sheepishly, remembering the day Patricia said, “I have nominated your blog for the afro bloggers awards.’’ My reply was short and precise, “awwww, thank you.’’ 

I didn`t think too much about it. And now here we are, NOMINATED, and now I want to win this award; if not for me, for Patricia, who saw my blog and deemed it worthy of this award.

If you don`t know about Afrobloggers, may this be the year you know about them? They are doing the most for bloggers on the African continent.

Back to the nominations…..😂

I feel honoured to be in the same category with bloggers who have fire content. Bloggers whose content I devour religioulsy and whose creativity is off the charts. But people orgnaising the awards can only have one winner so vote for me👍😅😉

How to VOTE for Passion and Lifestyle blog.

Step 1: Follow this link

Step 2: Scroll until you find LIFESTYLE

Step 3: Click on Passion & Lifestyle blog –

Step 4: Click on Vote

Step 5: Share the link with all friends and family, boyfriend/girlfriend, neighbour and everyone who can VOTE, and let’s bag this award. Help me turn my blog into an award-winning blog. (That has a nice ring to it)

House rules

  • You can only vote once. Some amazing friends are so pumped up that they want to vote more than once, but the voting process allows a one-time vote. Want to vote more than twice, get all your friends to vote. 😉
  • The voting process started on 22nd January and closes on 5th February 2021.
  • According to, “This stage is to help assess one`s effective reach, such as how well one can promote their content, ignite engagement, audience review and contributes up to 30% of the final assessment…’’  Let`s vote and put my blog on the map.

Thank you and Happy VOTING.

Sending all voters flowers in every colour. Photo by Dyah Arum on Unsplash

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