January Book Tales

Book Tales are bacccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Turn to your neighbour and tell them, “Book Tales are back.’’ Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Book Tales 2021.

Last year I read 52 books and these are the ones I can remember. I combed my mind for all titles but can`t seem to put all of them together. My 2021 reading goal is 52 books because I am hoping to write more this year. (And do a couple of other cool stuff) This is a little scary and overwhelming but I`m up to the task.

Here is a mini review of books I read in January:

Never Too Late to Bloom

Never Too Late To Bloom by Evelyne Karungi is tender. It’s a book that has a modern, chic vibe to it. It’s totally relatable. It’s like a sister is walking you through their life and giving you the courage you didn’t know you needed to get through your own life, confront your fears and start your journey to wholeness.

I love stories and the author clearly intertwined stories into each chapter of the book allowing me into some intimate details of her life. The book offers some solid yet tender wisdom on self-discovery, friendship, purpose, and everything in between, I highly recommend this book.

Book is available at Mahiri, Bold in Africa and Lulu for the E-book format.

Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela

Lyrics Alley is based on Leila`s uncle’s story but fictionalised. It questions the times, reveals the tug of war between modern and tradition. The tensions are visible through Mahmoud`s two wives-a traditional wife and a modern Egyptian one. He can freely navigate the two worlds but can the people around him do the same?

Nur, the heir to the Mahmoud empire is involved in a fatal accident that begs him to question Allah, “why did He do this to me? I don`t deserve it. I am not a bad person. I shouldn`t be punished.’

Like Soraya, I enjoyed this book. Very informative about the differences between the people and cultures of Sudan and Egypt as well as what people hold dear. A story of love, loyalty, modernity vs tradition, culture, etc.

I was so high on the Abuzzeid family that I didn`t realise the book had ended. Leila`s writing allows you to pause and reflect on what`s happening. It appeals to all the five senses.

I must say with this book, Leila Aboulela joins my list of favourite writers. (Writers whose work I must own, read over and over and will never tire of it.)

The Principles and Power of Vision by Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe in The Principles and Power of Vision serves practical wisdom and guidelines for pursuing your vision. He reminds the reader of the importance of purpose and vision, shows the distinct nature between the two terms, and reminds the reader to die empty. This book is a perfect read at the start of the year. It reminds you of what you already know and pushes you to go hard on it. It is very practical. I highly recommend it.

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

People have been raving about the Bridgerton series since Shonda Rhimes is producing it for Netflix. A beloved friend (God bless her heart) pushed me into watching the series and reading the books. I obviously prefer the books. duh! But also because I`m a sucker for the romance genre-historical romance just hits differently.

I loved the banter between Daphne and Simon. Their easy-going friendship was beautiful to watch as it evolved into something neither expected. The strong family ties in Daphne`s family reminded me of my own family: they were so strong that no secret ran deep.

The characters were well crafted. I vividly saw the Duke and his father, Daphne and her family, and the Featherington sisters. The Duke and I is an easy read and its good-natured humour kept me going. However, the book got me pondering about the role of women in society then versus now. The women of the ton are good for two things-marriage and children. Has this changed in today`s society?

Well, folks thats all I read in January. What did you read?

5 thoughts on “January Book Tales

  1. Four books one month? Mujooga! I barely finished reading all my text messages from Jan hahaha.
    Lyrics Alley seems interesting. Never to Late to Bloom is also on my reading list! Thanks for sharing all this cool stuff with us!

  2. All I read was tons of blog posts 🤭. I think I’d like to read Never Too Late To Bloom by Evelyne Karungi. Sounds like my kinda book

    1. I envy your reading of tons of blog posts. Never Too Late to Bloom is you`re kinda book. I hope you get to read it someday.

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