Taking Stock 23

Taking Stock 23

Happy New year!! (for the last time) I promise.

Welcome to Taking Stock in 2021. As I have always mentioned, it is a therapeutic practice that you should try.

In all honesty, January started on a low note for me on so many levels and this threw me off balance for about two weeks. I was overwhelmed by the new year.😭😭 But, I am back to normal programming as I practice the mantra of `take it one day at a time.’😎😊

Here is a snippet of my January;

Making: time to pray for my new season, read a chapter from Proverbs daily.

 Eating: nothing in particular but snacking on daddies, hard corns and cookies from Happy Plates. (I will tell you all about Happy Plates soon)

Drinking: water and spiced tea with ginger, and verbena leaves. I`m a tea-girl.

Reading: Never Too Late to Bloom by Evelyn Karungi, Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela, The Principles and Power of Vision by Myles Munroe; The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

Wanting: to discuss the storyline of Bridgerton. I mean the Duke of Hastings is dashing but can we talk about the storyline. Anyone? Better yet can we discuss the book the series is based on?

Wasting: time doing nothing because some segments of January were hard and I chose to have a time out. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing.

Wishing: for the stability of the internet and everything else in Uganda. For God and my country.

Wondering: about the new year. Asking God for a plan.

Hoping: for a haircut because I`m done with my hair.

Marvelling: at how much work goes into pursuing one`s purpose and dreams. Watch the Queen`s Gambit to get an inkling of what I mean.

Smelling: a shift. A win.

Wearing: socks because January has been cold. I am not complaining. I love the cold weather.

Following: @Mochievious on Twitter because this lady is onto something. If you are professional, she serves hard wisdom.

Noticing: how the bloggers’ community keeps me and other bloggers grounded. Shout out to Afrobloggers for uniting us. My blog was nominated for best lifestyle blog in the Afrobloggers awards 2020. Please check out the link to vote. Voting ends on 5th February.

Knowing: that the best is yet to come.

Bookmarking: quotes from books I`m reading.

Feeling: pumped up for February because Three Strands book club goes live. Want to join? Email threestrands@gmail.com. This is a dream come true.

Song dedication: Give me Faith by Elevation Worship.

May you experience love in February. Give yourself a treat.

Happy New month!!

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  1. I’m a tea girl, too! 🤩 And oh, Queen’s Gambit is fire!!!

    You already I love your Taking Stock series 😉🙌

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