Product review: Essen Shower Gel

Product review: Essen Shower Gel

Do you have brands that you work with that give you joy? Brands that when you use them uplift you? This has been my experience with Essen products especially their shower gel.

I was introduced to this shower gel last year when I visited a friend`s house whose bathroom had only Essen essentials. I made a decision to try their products and compare them to what I was using at the time.

I started out using lotus which is a milky pink and smells sweet. It immediately became a favourite. Who doesn`t want to walk out of the shower smelling fresh and feeling amazing!?

I went down the rabbit hole reading about the lotus flower and its significance. I learnt that the lotus is seen as a symbol of purity, spiritual enlightenment, and rebirth. Its growth process is sheer brilliance. It is considered sacred. Ancient Egyptians believed it had the ability to raise the deceased! Different colours communicate different meanings to different groups of people.

I recently ordered for honeydew and it has grown on me. It has that sweet easy scent that is not overbearing. Its like a guy vibing a chic using a long game. He knows he will win her heart eventually. I can confidently say, honeydew shower gel has won my heart.

When you use the Essen shower gels, you will have a novel, spiritual, healing and calming shower experience. You don`t believe me? Make your order and let me know what you think?

Each shower gel is available at ugx 12,000.

Check out their Instagram and Twitter to view other products that they have in stock: multi purpose liquid soap (I am currently using it and its worth your coins), hand wash and shea butter.

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