Reflections #1

Reflections #1

“Its almost the end of March, have you achieved any goal you had in mind for the year 2023?😜” M asked on WhatsApp.

“Yesssssss,” I responded with the enthusiasm of a four year old in a candy store ready to show off the sweetness of her find.

When the year started, I was in limbo. I didn’t know what to expect even though God had spoken to me about a shift in season. My 2022 was a difficult year full of challenges and hardships. I entered the new year tentative, daring not to hope too much for change.

I set one goal and that was to enrol into driving school. A desire as old as a child wanting his mother`s love and affection. It always eluded me until February. I walked into a branch of Prestige Driving School and signed up. After years of planning to acquire this skill. One may wonder what changed?

Three words: Focus, intention and commitment. I set my mind onto doing it. My resources were channeled to fulfilling this goal at all costs. The day I signed up for the class was an ordinary day. Angels didn`t whispher to me nor did fire works go off to celebrate my achievement. But my body buzzed with with excitement. A voice within me shouted, you did it! you did it!

Week one of driving school was so dramatic. I was literally screaming for the first two days because I thought I would knock both living and non-living things on the road. And the boda bodas on Ugandan roads appear out of thin air AND from all sides of the road!! Relax I did not knock anyone or anything.

A friend told me that driving is about confidence and I did not believe it. haha! I thought to myself, they are saying that to assuage my anxiety. But I found out that they were right all along. I am a confident driver on the road now.

As you move into quarter two, set one goal and work towards it. Do not let go until you see it fulfilled. Each day work towards it. Give it time either by thinking about it, reading on it, praying into it. Work towards it. Be focused, intentional and committed.

Your goal could be as simple as having less screen time, reading a book a month, taking walks or working out..etc. Whatever it is, I hope you have made progress towards it.

I will ask you like M asked me, have you achieved at least one goal you set in quarter one? Share with me below and let`s celebrate together.

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  1. First let me laugh at that screaming 😂😂😂😂😂 but surely, my sister and friend, I’m so proud of you for the milestones you are achieving. Can’t wait for us to celebrate 🎉🎉🎉

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