My article today has been inspired by a book we are  currently reviewing in the New Generation Mentoring Program -“Laws OF Attraction (LOA).”

The book in chapter 3 ,focuses on how to create business partnerships however i have chosen to focus on partnerships in general. Partnerships can be formed through business, organizations, marriage, friendships, among others.

Partnerships according to Moses Mukisa in his book, “Called to Greatness,” are heroes God has prepared before hand to stand with you through thick and thin.”

These people are ordained for you, for the vision you carry to help you in your call to greatness.

A few tips on how to create partnerships;

  • Have a vision which is clear to you and guarantee clarity for those you are seeking partnerships with and from. Know where you are going for you will easily identify your heroes for the journey ahead.
  • Focus which is emphasized in the LOA; as you focus on what you need for a business, marriage, organization to work out, you attract the right resources . Being focused on your vision, will bring it to accomplishment with the right people and at the right time.
  • Set goals; goal setting is an important aspect of life and keeps you in check . You work towards achieving any goal that you have set.
  • Visualization; see yourself achieving your goals, vision and forming the right partnerships while at it. It is important to see the end in mind because it inspires  and encourages you. Above all, it reminds you that all things are possible if you believe.
  • Go out and NETWORK; form new and vibrant relationships with people because among them you just might be aligned with your heroes.Visit new places like restaurants, orphanages,hotels, churches, homes and simply socialize. Enjoy the party for once without the company of your phones and all virtual friends.Just then will you have a transforming conversation with your next hero for your business, school project, idea generation, among others.

Enjoy life and work with God to be aligned with the right people for He doesn`t consider the outward appearance but the inward bits of any man. He aligns us with the right people in the right seasons.

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