“Communing is to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, ; interchange thoughts or feelings.”

I was  in a taxi heading to busega  using the Northern Bypass so the taxi driver takes an unusual turn and i could feel the questioning glances on the passengers faces. The conductor turned quickly to us (passengers) and said,“ tugenda kunywa mafuta.”[ Translated we are going to fuel] .I could see relief on the passengers` faces from that simple communication.

No one likes being left out of the loop; we all want to know what is going on around us. As we interact and socialize with people, let us keep the communication plain and simple. Demystify any uncertainties, don`t let people fill in the blanks for you.

As Christians we talk about listening and hearing from God which simply means-God communes.

Amos 3:7,“ The fact is God the master does nothing without first telling his prophets the whole story.”MSG. This scripture is captivating and reveals the fact that God communes with His people revealing mysteries to them.

At every turn, junction, cross road or t-section-God speaks.His communication is sure to clear  looming clouds of uncertainties and paint the mind with shades of clarity.In that moment, your heart is settled ,no gray areas. God lets them in on the know so they are not caught off guard however it is for those keen enough to listen and hear what is being revealed who benefit fully. The communication process is only complete when the person acts on the instruction or message given.

If God is able to communicate to us why then do we fail in this simple act.It`s common courtesy that we reply an email , when you find a missed call and a text message-call back and text back respectively , notify people at home or office where you are going and if you run late still notify them; complete the communication process.For example i once had a party to attend in my senior six vacation and it was ending late. I didn`t communicate to my aunt who i was living with that i would be late. I got home late and i surely had it ; she was cross with my failure to communicate and from then on i learnt .

I personally don`t leave room for people to assume about my where abouts, i notify my mum or siblings if i will be out late and also let them know if i have a party to attend and where it will be and who i will be with.I also consult with my father in heaven to know which way should i go and what do i need to go with.

I am learning to consult and keep in constant communication with my God because He speaks .

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