Fostering Growth

Fostering Growth

Our environments are crucial in our growth. “if we want to grow to reach our potential, we must be in the right environment.’’ I had a desire to emcee but had too much holding me back that I let each opportunity pass me by. We all need to dwell in environments that foster our growth, build our confidence and challenge us to desire growth daily.

In 2013, my name was suggested to moderate at BAYC which is a one week conference held annually by The DYF(Disciples Youth Fellowship ). I was dumbstruck, my entire being said NO! but the decision was made.I felt like i was in a court session that had ended so fast that I didn`t have time to object. “My Lord, I ……….”

The week happened so quickly that most of the time I felt myself murmuring things that didn`t make much sense however it is in that environment that my confidence was fostered and gift polished. I can moderate / MC any day, anytime and anywhere because of one environment that helped me grow.

Therefore if you desire growth in a particular area, find out whether it is your environment hindering your growth or yourself. For it is impossible to grow without changing. There ought to be a change in the friends you keep, work environment, reading patterns, sleeping patterns, the thoughts that you harbor etc.

I have learned to challenge myself in new environments because my capabilities are brought forth and  the already existing gifts, talents and capabilities are polished. There is an opportunity for growth in each environment we are in . Question is, are you  keen enough to draw it out?

Have you fostered growth in any area of your life this month? Share with me your experience.

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