Ngalabi Short Film Festival 2023

Ngalabi Short Film Festival 2023

I stumbled onto short films two years ago. I think about them as short stories. Writers work on short stories and filmmakers make short films! One may wonder what the essence of both is….Its like practising for perfection. You develop your craft through short form and eventually graduate to long form.

Ngalabi Short Film Festival was founded by Goethe-Zentrum Kampala / Ugandan German Cultural Society and Maisha Film Lab in 2017. The festival has become a household name in the festival space, celebrated for its niche, quality programming and its ability to shine a spotlight on the best emerging creative voices in the world of film.

This year we will be screening movies from Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Tunisia, USA, Nigeria, Belgium, and Ghana. We are excited by the range of film genres this year as we have more Ugandan directors experimenting with their craft. The genres range from experimental and animation, to comedy and thriller. The films also explore a range of contemporary themes that many people grapple with, such as mental health, sexual vulnerability, emotional and domestic labour of women, family ties, and culture.

Official programme

This is a labour of love. I am proud to be among the curators and organisers of this amazing festival. Come and celebrate with us.

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