Meet Your Author 2

Meet Your Author 2

Am I the only one with a deep-seated desire to meet every author of each book I read? I can`t be the only one. I hope. 🙈

As mentioned in post one of the Meet the Author series, my aim is to spotlight and celebrate authors on the continent mostly and the diaspora.

For episode two, I hosted Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa, author of Adavera and Kunda. We had a wonderful conversation centred on Adavera, her first novel. We discussed themes to do with mental health, spirituality, motherhood, and Rachael`s self-publishing journey in Uganda.

Adavera follows the lives of Preston Pakello and the Navaleroah girls: Anidanta, Nohana & Lucy as they navigate life on the island of Adavera. The language in the novel is beautiful and makes for an easy read. It also doubles as humourous and will leave you laughing and giggling by yourself. (Read it in public if you don`t care for side eyes ). The book boasts relevant themes of mental health, self-identity, spirituality, and parenting expectations. The characters are well-rounded. We grow with them and they feel like next-door neighbours.

I highly recommend Adavera. It is good for all age groups ( 12 and above.) The language is simple and it’s a page-turner.

Adavera is available in Aristoc booklex for those in Uganda and for the international audience, visit the link to purchase Adavera.

Click on the link below for the full conversation.👇🏿👇🏿

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