Life Long Learning

Life Long Learning

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.’’-Albert Einstein

As we covered the topic of lifelong learning in New Generation Mentoring Program , I realized that we are in an information age where we have knowledge on our finger tips by virtue of our smart phones. Google is full of organized information on just about any topic, with a number of sites and apps to be downloaded for your convenience.

The law of attraction states that, ‘Learning problems are often what prevent people from being successful .Either they aren`t willing to learn continuously and change as they learn; or they aren`t willing to learn something that will enable them to grow and make better decisions.”

Learning never ends since there is always new information waiting to be discovered. Information is limitless and can`t be confined .Manufacturers have mastered this art well and always seek to help their clientele understand new phone models, car models, laptop and computer models. This information is vital for the clientele otherwise they can`t successfully utilize the potential of the gadgets bought.Learning with the right information unlocks potential.

Throughout my formal education life, I was subjected to reading about physics, chemistry, biology, economics and many other topics that didn`t really hold my interest. However, now that I am out of that structured kind of learning, I know what information I need to take in. For example, I am passionate about personal development and most books I read fall in this category.

We are in a sea of information and we need to streamline what we take in. Law of attraction suggests; start by deciding what it is you need to learn or how you need to change the process by which you learn. Then let the learning begin.

It is important for each of us to read widely on areas we want to grow in, this guarantees expertise in that area. Don’t be a jack of all trade and a master at none. Master something.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.’’-Ronald .E.Osborn

Embark on a life long journey to learn at whatever point you are at.LEARN AND NEVER STOP LEARNING.

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