Sudden happenings

Sudden happenings

I recently attended a prayer meeting at my church (Church of the resurrection church of Uganda); a friend shared and mentioned “sudden happenings. ‘The writer in me leaped for joy like Elizabeth`s baby at hearing Mary`s greeting.

Each day we experience sudden happenings which are bittersweet; they either bring joy or sorrow or both at the same time. Sorrow which makes us question whether the existence of a God is real or just a myth??

Ever woken to the news that one of your loved ones suddenly has cancer or fistula or any disease that you just never thought you would encounter head on? Sudden loss of a job, loved ones, bankruptcy, surgery, loss of a baby , accidents and many more. These incidents all happen without warning or any hesitation forcing people to be frustrated and see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Darkness falls blanketing people with sorrow, anguish and frustration……………………..

However the bible in Luke 18:1 says, ‘men ought to pray and not lose heart.” (NKJV)

When you read through such a text and are going through tough times, you are more angry than encouraged because right there, you are questioning whether there is really a God; who you sing about and clap about. But in the text lies comfort and encouragement; when you pray to a God whom you know, you pray and not lose heart. Like Paul, you say “for I know whom I have believed in.’’

You pray knowing He is a wall of fire around you (Zec 2:5), He who watches over you NEVER sleeps nor slumbers. He is a good Father and is so concerned about us, our country even as we go through elections, let us be encouraged for His eye is on a sparrow and He watches over us.

He not only watches but acts on our behalf…

In spite of sudden happenings, know whom you have believed in and lift up your eyes to the hills from where your help comes from.(Psalm 121).

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