I Adorn

I Adorn

In a bid to climax the love week ,I choose to adorn my lover.

I choose to adorn the lover of all lovers-God.He is love.

If anyone claims to love ,they ought to know the author of love.One who inspired 1corinthians 13,a eulogy on love.This love treaty between  man and God is a greater treaty than devonshire white paper .

I choose to adorn the one who first loved me .

In life we want to give so we are given back;we want to love because we are loved.

However ,God cut through my heart without expecting me to get Him a kfc bucket of chicken,roses or anything in that regard.

For love to thrive in a relationship,people must first love themselves .God loves Himself and loves us too very much.

When you love yourself first  ,you know your strengths and  weaknesses,you know the state of your  city before you can conquer another.

This kind of attention is what God gives to you;He knows your where,what ,how and whom.

He is the epitome of love .

Let Him adorn you and you will adorn Him right back.

#It’s infectious and contagious.

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