It’s election day and there is no activity at my polling station in Busega,Kibumbiro Zone A.
I am a virgin to this whole voting process and I can’t wait to get my share of satisfaction when I cast my vote.

The queues are growing longer and so are the conversations.The thematic areas of discussion are ;the electoral commission’s incapability ,Museveni vs Besigye and who will win without rigging.Such times make us strange bedfellows; building electionships(friendships  during elections at polling stations).

People are so bored by the lateness on the Electoral commission side that shielding themselves from the scorching sun is all they can think about.

With the brightness of the sun,comes hunger.My stomach is literally somersaulting with hunger pangs.The jibes grow stronger with each delay from the Electoral commission.

I might not have gone to the bush like they always remind us but I was non existent then .
However ,for the love of my country ,I will endure the sun and the lateness from the EC and my hunger pangs to cast my vote.
Call me patriotic because not only do I feel like one,I AM ONE.

For God and my country.

Featured Image source: International Foundation for Electoral Systems-https://tinyurl.com/ybcyhyg6

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