The Blackout

The Blackout

There is a saying,”when life gives you lemons ,make lemonade.”

During this election phase, UCC (Uganda communication corporation) passed on a communication that all social media platforms will be blocked off.This is apparently a security measure since social media led to the violence in Kenya.

The black out by UCC has many baffled and angry since we are in a digital era; where social media platforms have more news than media houses.

Away from UCC,this short holiday was a blessing in disguise.I had plenty of time to catch up on book assignments,do my nails plus hair, reflect on my goals and form new strategies to achieve my goals.

Jim Rohn says,”if you go to work on your goals,your goals will go to work on you.If you go to work on your plan,your plan will go to work on you.whatever good things we build end up building us.”

I enjoyed my mum and siblings the most,I have garlands of memoirs hanging over my heart.portraits of them in my mind that not even political drama can erase them.

I made lemonades and I had fun dawning it all in this hot and tense environment. I know my God is watching over our country for He never sleeps nor slumbers.

#For God and my country

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