His Assessment-My belief

His Assessment-My belief

The bible is full of what God has ordained us to be as we live here on earth. However, life can knock you down -off your feet and all you want is to stay down because a situation dictates it.

I have endured hard knocks that not even Muhammad Ali`s strategy could keep me till the end of the game. I have known pain so deep all I could do was mutter Abba father under my breathe. Pain caused by envy since your classmates seem to be up the ladder and your constantly playing catch up, your life has no meaning -“seemingly.’’You seem to be facing hardships at every level of your life and you hate yourself all the more.

God reminds me that I am His own, created for His good purpose  endowed with potential; potential embedded so deep, that it will take drawing out to reveal it.

I am much more than I expect from myself.

God has created you and me to dominate and not be dominated; Let us walk in  our authority. Dominion is ours.

God believes we can do it then we definitely have the capability .Stop feeling inadequate , worthless and out of time. Remember you are working on the timing of God, understand His season for your life.

I choose to align myself to His assessment and believe it day and night.

His assessment is ,you are courageous, you have the fruit of the spirit-joy, peace, love, kindness; you are favored, your potential is limitless, you are a winner and a victor.

Stop believing what others have said about you simply because you failed that history or math paper, you are better than that. Don`t let your past about you cloud your future.

Stop believing what people say about you and know God`s assessment about you and go on and BELIEVE it.

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