Of potential & the challenge zone

Of potential & the challenge zone

“Don’t allow the things within you to die with you because you did not challenge them.” Myles Monroe

I met up with one of my friends -Berna last Friday and as we talked and shared on a number of things; she highlighted the fact that there is need to desire personal growth. She has been able to challenge herself to help set up accounting systems at her workplace .

So she doesn’t understand why people don’t desire to exploit their potential with all the information we have access too.

Each individual has potential and a uniqueness about them that the world NEEDS. It is important to find it and utilize it.

I personally love to learn new things because if God allows me to think it, then I can do it. However, I have to challenge myself to grow.

Sometime last year, a friend asked me to share on blessings in our Youth service. I almost said NO!!.however , I decided to challenge myself to action. I had never shared on the topic and my knowledge on it was wanting. But i decided to go into the word of God to study as i prepared for the appointed day of sharing.
Challenging yourself simply means putting a demand on yourself ,testing your ability.

Truth be told, many of us don’t want the pain ,hard work and sacrifice that comes with being in the challenge zone.For growth to be evident,you need to put a demand on yourself because growth will not come by thinking on it.put your thoughts to action.Don’t wait to be challenged,start challenging yourself on a daily basis.

Stop making excuses for yourself; I can’t access the information, I don’t have money to start up that business,no time, their too many people doing what i want to do,no jobs in Uganda…..

When you enter into the challenge zone, you must rise to the challenge,defy all excuses and obstacles so you emerge victorious. You set the pace for your life each day and your potential is maximized according to the demand you put on it.

There is nothing named I CAN’T. Challenge yourself enough to test every ounce of ability in you.Put a demand on your potential.


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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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