Bare It All

Bare It All


Vulnerability is believed to be a sign of  weakness in the African context especially for the men.They are taught to be strong and build concrete walls around their emotions.

I enrolled for a mentoring class(New Generation Mentoring Program facilitated by Noeline Kirabo) and we we meet every Tuesday. This Tuesday we discussed accountability partners and the need to be vulnerable slipped in.
When we set goals, we need people to hold us accountable and they are termed as “accountability partners.” The goals could be in career, family, school, business and the accountability partners may vary per goal category. Being accountable to someone means allowing them to walk into your city walls without police check points .You literally see the the atomic bombs and grenades but you overlook it.

You give the person permission to bomb you the best way they know how to so they make you better. They tell you what your other friends can`t and wouldn`t tell you..

Thinking of  this gives me goosebumps because i am new to this whole vulnerability thing. I never wanted to let my guard down ,so i  told my friends what i wanted them to know.I gave them instructions in my city and allowed no feedback or  challenge .However, i realized i needed my inner circle of friends and i had to be open with them ,trust them with my all .I am  not super woman nor Cat woman but a mere mortal. A mortal who craves love, joy, friendships and who wants to cry her lungs out without being reminded she is a leader, big sister,problem solver, president of this and that club,project officer, et cetera.
Our heart beats are a reminder  that we are humans and not ice cold beings who feel no pain,love  or compassion.
Let your guards down and let in a few people because vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness as we have grown up believing. Allow people in and make magic with them as your friendships and relationships thrive and flourish.



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