Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

I once read a book in my primary five about a girl who had a “golden heart’’, I literally thought the girl`s heart was made of gold. YES!!! , I laugh about it now because I sat in a literature class and  I know better. The book was metaphorically speaking about a girl who was special, kind, loved everyone selflessly,  was quick to help  and was loved by the entire community. When she passed away, her heart was desired by all in the community.

In life, we meet people with “hearts of gold’’; they are the epitome of kindness and selflessness. Gold is rare, special, precious and important. The bible says, ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

My aunt-Hellen Luyima has a heart of gold; she has loved me as though i am her biological daughter.She is quick to help others ,selfless and desires to see the best in everyone.

I pen her celebration because words speaker better things(so they say); she has given time, money and love to me from a tender age.She is a mother to me even if i call her `aunt’. I have utmost respect for her dedication to me.

I thought she was too strict growing up and at times i hated the fact that she seemingly didn`t understand me and my needs.

However, she has passed on invaluable laws and lessons to me that i will never forget -love others, love goes hand in hand with generosity and kindness.Problem solving where by you render help to those who need it .

Empathy which simply means putting yourself in people`s shoes and feeling with them .Handwork which is her greatest trait.

I celebrate  her today for contributing to who and where I am today.I will forever honor her.

Let us honor the people in our lives while they are still alive.

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