As a book lover, I constantly want to discuss books after reading them. It could be a quote, a passage, word, or style of writing of the author that jumps out for me. There are books that until you discuss them, will stay logged up in you. Who wants a book hangover? Not me??

If you share my sentiments, I have the perfect solution for you: Three Strands Book Club.

Three Strands is a book club founded by women for women who love books and desire to have bookish conversations with kindred spirits.

Why do we need another book club?

  • There is no such thing as too many book clubs, the more the better.
  • There is a need to have more people reading.
  • Our nation’s future is more secure if more women are reading, learning, teaching, healing, and all the good things pertaining to wisdom.
  • To have more people find and share the joy of reading. (Reading for sheer pleasure)
  • Friendship, sisterhood, and growth because as stated in the name a cord of three strands is not easily broken. There is power in unity.
  • Around the world in books to learn the culture, to learn people, and to learn ourselves.
  • To learn how to write, for ladies working their way through and eventually want to become writers.
  • To improve our appreciation for art through other writers, through the various book characters, and through sharing with one another.

How shall we operate?

We will have a monthly online meeting, well for now until we are clear of the global pandemic and its cousins. This will apply to both the international community and the local community. With the local community, we will strive to have physical meetings.

The book club will read various genres of books and various authors but with an emphasis on African authors.

How to join?

Send an email to threestrandsug@gmail.com with an expression of interest.

Hope you join us!!

7 thoughts on “A NEW BOOK CLUB IN TOWN

    1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay….Looking forward to meeting you virtually and physically (when I come to Dubai🤞🤞)

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