I attended the concluded Kampala City Carnival by KCCA and as I stood at the christian stage ; Pastor Kayanja said words that pierced through my heart-“the roads built are for you to enjoy , the flowers  you step on are yours , they beautify your city and instead of fighting KCCA work with them to build your city and country.”

 We bless the Lord for how far He has brought us as we celebrate 53 years of independence. However ,many of us take our country for granted when we step on the flowers put along roads, mismanage resources for roads and various projects, create “roads” where  its clearly not a road, steal drugs from hospitals, complain about everything and nothing.

Make use of the dustbins and garbage points put up by KCCA instead of throwing “buveeras” on the roads, like rotary let us embrace social responsibility with our immediate neighbors or institutions so we build a better Uganda-a Uganda we are proud of.

                              Uganda yaffe , fall in love with Uganda .

                             Uganda can and will only be as good as her people

 Do something for your country in this 53rd  season of independence; let your shine on because as you shine so does your country.Pray, bless, be diligent with the vast resources you have , gain knowledge about what is happening in your country only then will you be a solution to your country.Uganda  will manifest  its true nature as the pearl of Africa through every individual who rightfully takes on their place .

Stop with the `gavumenti etuyambe”phrase and adopt the phrase“tuyambe gavumenti yaffe.”

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