Distorted#Social Interactions

Distorted#Social Interactions


``Racheal you too!!!” I was rendered speechless when Brenda referred to  my use of vulgar language ; seeing that I too had often wondered how I got there.I knew the answer too well-the company I was keeping.

In my senior six at St.Lawrence-Horizon Campus , I had a number of friends and I still do and as the norm with young people, certain language is used and the four lettered word (f**k) rolls off our tongues easily.As young people today we think its trendy to use vulgar language we hear on TV  . Our elders shudder when they hear the “language of young people.”

There is a common saying,“ show me your friends and I tell you who you are.” I heard about “pulling” in my primary seven from a friend. She talked about the advantages of pulling and how her “sengas” told her  its good to do it at a tender age.I had never had about the practice before so I paid a deaf ear.However, many of the girls after hearing the information desired to engage in the practice without even talking to their parents about it. This only reveals the power of friends in our lives; they can steer your life to where they want it to go and you never notice until it is too late.

Friends are like perfume the longer you have them, the more accustomed you become to their scent.  If the scent is stronger than yours , you enjoy it and adopt it.The friends we make steer us either in the right direction or the wrong one.

Never lose yourself  as you interact with friends; don`t allow them to live their lives through your life. The influence of your friends on you can be seen evidently through your actions, attitude and verbal language .

The bible says,“Be not deceived,bad company corrupts good morals”(1 Corinthians 15:33)

Are you the right company and perfume to your friends??


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