The Anointing with Oil (CROWN SERIES)

The Anointing with Oil (CROWN SERIES)

The Crown is a historical drama web television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and it is worth every minute of your time. A friend recommended it, and upon watching it, I must say I like it. It gives perspective to the running of the royal family, how they behave, and why they do what they do. Obviously, not everything on the show is true, but oh well, they need to keep it spiced and sizzling for the viewers.

Queen Elizabeth 11 during her coronation in the Crown series.

I had an A-ha moment as I watched the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in season one. As expected, thousands of people were present for the coronation, and it was televised-the first time the monarch ever publicized something so private. The Queen`s husband Phillip birthed this idea. He argued that broadcasting the service on TV would allow people around the world to be involved in and feel part of the occasion. This would lift people up as the Queen wanted, and they would feel and share in the joy of such an occasion.  Twenty-seven million of the UK’s 36 million residents tuned in, and 11 million listened on the radio, according to Biography

During the coronation, the live feeds were cut off, and no one was supposed to view that sacred moment: The anointing with oil/act of consecration. One asked why it went off, and the queen`s uncle who had abdicated the throne said, ‘because we are mere mortals and the ceremony is holy.’’ During the act of consecration, the Queen was anointed with oil and consecrated for her duties.

 The act of consecration was concealed from everyone when four Knights of the Garter held over the queen a rich pall of silk or cloth of gold: The Dean of Westminster, taking the Ampulla and Spoon from off the Altar, held them ready, pouring some holy Oil into the Spoon, and with it, the Archbishop then anointed the Queen in the form of a cross (Source:

At that moment, I was reminded of what God does and how He does it. He anoints us privately but makes our calling and purpose to be felt publically. Remember the story of David; he was anointed to be king in the wilderness, no glory in that, no people cheering him on, but it didn`t make his calling less effective. His reign was eventually felt publically, but most of the preparation had been done privately.

As you pursue your goals and career in 2021, don`t give up because there is no applause. You can`t be hidden for too long. You will emerge for the world to see. The anointing is a propeller. Don`t give up yet.

PS; Have you watched the Crown series? What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “The Anointing with Oil (CROWN SERIES)

  1. As you pursue your goals and career in 2021, dont give up because there is no applause. You cant be hidden for too long. You will emerge for the world to see. The anointing is a propeller. Don`t give up yet..

    This right here, thanks for sharing Ray.
    I stopped half way with The Crown, I dony recall wy though😂😂

  2. Good one! I am watching the series too and couldn’t agree more on how special the Annointing moment was. It’s a powerful lesson you drew out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Winnie. Mehn,I understand the giving up of series. I am particular about the ones I watch. In a year, I might watch only two. Blacklist forever a favourite and now The Crown.

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