5 ways to give this festive season

5 ways to give this festive season

If there is an activity, I like to engage in it is giving. Giving for me is a way of partnering with God to show His love and kindness to humankind. The bible is littered with verses on giving. One that stands out for me is John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God doesn`t ask us to do what He himself isn`t doing or has never done. He gave us the most precious gift of all time-His Only Son through whom we have all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Giving takes on many forms as we have probably experienced. But what I am sharing today is an opportunity to give with cash and material items to the following causes this festive season and beyond:

  • Teenmom`s voice

Teenmom’s Voice is an organisation in Uganda supporting teenage mothers and their children.

Teenmom`s Voice is running a Christmas drive for expectant teen mothers, teenage mothers, and their children. Items being collected: Baby clothes, food, mattresses, basins, soap, Mama kits (gloves, cotton, and any other birth delivery items). Please contact John (0702785545 Or 0782607750) You can also give cash contributions on 0777085601

Follow Teenmom`s voice on Facebook and check out their website.

  • Eunie`s Kitchen

Eunie’s Kitchen Ltd is a team of highly professional motivated individuals whose desire is to see an increased appreciation of tasty healthy organic Ugandan cuisines both at home and world over.

They have a `Holiday Charity’ from 20th to 24th December 2020. Drop donations like sanitary pads, clothes, food, shoes, spices, soap, sugar, cooking oil, etc. at any of their locations and get a slice of fruit cake. Everybody loves fruit cake, right?😂

Follow Eunie`s Kitchen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.

  • Feeding Kosovo campaign by 92 hands.org

“Feeding Kosovo 2020 is back, bigger and better!   This Christmas, we are going beyond Kosovo and Katanga. We are setting tables for 10,000 refugees in Kyaka II in Kyegegwa district and Nakivaale settlement camps in Isingiro district near the Tanzania border. They fled their countries due to political instability, epidemics and so much more. Help us secure a memorable Christmas for vulnerable families in urban slums and settlement camps with just 20£, 20$, 20€, UGX 73,500. This fee will feed a family of 6 refugees.’’ -92 hands.org

For inquiries on how to give, please contact Rhoda on +256 777 085943 and email info@92hands.org

Follow 92 hands on Facebook and check out their website.

  • A Gift of Hope campaign by Kyusa

Kyusa`s goal is to support 500 youth to successfully start and grow their small businesses in 2021. This will include 100 youth with special needs, 100 already existing micro-businesses that will be supported to scale and 300 new small businesses that will be birthed. A total of 500 micro and small businesses will be supported which will collectively create at least 500 new jobs for marginalized youth.

The cost of supporting one youth to birth their business is $50 while the cost of supporting micro-businesses to scale is $100. Collectively we seek to raise $35,000 to enable us to accomplish this mission ($20,000 for 100 micro-businesses & 100 youth with special needs, $15,000 for new start-up businesses).

Donate here. Follow Kyusa on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website.

c/o Kyusa
  • Edu child Foundation Uganda

Edu child Foundation Uganda runs a number of programmes but the one closest to my heart is the Educate A child Program (ECP). Through this programme, children are able to attend school comfortably with scholastic/stationary materials, school uniforms, bags, and shoes; school examination fees; Parents Teachers Association (PTA) Fees, and sanitary products for the girls; all of which act as barriers to their going and keeping in school.

You can donate to the Educate A Child Program (ECP). No amount is too small. Follow Educhild on Facebook and read more about the Educate A Child program on the website.


Give to your family members. Do some home shopping for them or give them a cash gift in those famous brown envelopes😂😂. Whatever you do, honour your parents with your substance.

No giving is too small. Let us make a difference in this season and beyond by supporting one of these causes with any amount. Please share this with anyone who you believe will donate to these organisations.

PS; Find causes you can donate to in your home country.

Happy Giving❤❤❤

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    1. Beautiful blog! I appreciate your heart for others especially the organizations you are speaking for🙏🏼🙏🏼

  1. Thank you Rachel for reminding us that it is more blessed to give. Yes we need to honor certain people this season with our substance (possessions)- Money!

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