Taking Stock Eight

Taking Stock Eight

Making: more time for prayer, music and reading.

Eating: whatever is before me.

Drinking: water with tamarind, it has a nice taste.

Reading: Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama.

Wanting: to travel.

Playing: dress up.

Wasting: no time in complimenting people and giving because I am wealthy and generous.

Creating: content for various projects.

Wishing: I had all the money in the world.

Enjoying: a new pair of earrings and denim dungarees from Unique Liz (follow her on FB:Unique Liz, Twitter :UniqueLiz5, Instagram :uniqueliz_ug). She is your downtown hook up for all unique and elegant pieces.

Wondering: whether people support their friends and their initiatives enough.

Loving: on ME❤️.

Hoping: for better days.

Marvelling: at the importance of social capital.

Smelling: Nude by Rihanna(this perfume is life).

Wearing: my hair in some threaded style and loving it.

Following: Anne and Gabes Deku on YouTube.

Noticing: how we reap what we sow.

Knowing: that the low moments won’t last.

Bookmarking: Quotes from Vi Keeland novels.

Opening: up to buying clothes in darker shades.

Giggling: about nothing in particular.

Feeling:good about my friends. They are amazing.

Happy April,

Love on Love


Photography by : Manzi Roland

Makeup: Joy Alice (FB page: A J Glamour)

©Racheal Kizza 2019

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