Swap & Talk

Swap & Talk

Last Sunday (7th April 2019), I had the pleasure and honor of attending an eccentric event by Rebecca Nanjego ,the organizer of Swap and Talk. Swap and Talk is an event aimed at fostering a sense of community among women through sharing.

Rebecca Nanjego in the centre

This was the second edition and the theme was Living purposefully and the amazing Flavia Tumusiime shared snippets on the theme. We had beautiful ballads from the amazing Shifa Musisi,this gurl can sing.

Flavia Tumusiime

Here are three things that stood out for me from Flavia`s talk;
1. If you don’t like your job, use it as a means to get to your dream job or passion.

2. Expose yourself and expand your environment. Exposure to new environments and people has life lessons that cannot be taught in school. You learn, share and connect with others when exposed.

3. Have money goals and be specific, ask yourself how you will achieve them. This was mind blowing because I have never had money goals since I left university.

We got to the best part of the event, Swap and Swap. How does Swapping work? We were each required to carry items in good condition ranging from bags, sun glasses, dresses, skirts, jeans, work pants, shoes, bags and so much more. They were organised neatly which made the swap so easy. We all picked out items we loved. I got me a beautiful top and chiffon blazer which joined my work closet and a beautiful royal blue dress that gives me summer vibes.

I had a great time meeting other bloggers who I have been watching on Instagram like Cate (@cateayellah), Nicolette(@kana_pata) ,Fiona (@fionakemi) and Naava(@naavagladys) .These lady bawses are doing the most,go ahead and check them out,they have amazing content.
Photo credit: Akena Hillen (Swap & Talk)

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  1. My take to heart (read home)was changing my environment & exposure ( listened to Flavias Blog) where she ‘re echoed that on living purposefully ..

    So a toast to change …yeeiiii

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