May has been good to me. My period sucked the energy out of me! Like why be this dramatic Aunt Rose?? I ate a lot of chocolate just for just. The Meet Your Author series kicked off!! I am super proud of this baby. Listen to some of the authors hosted here and here.

Here is my May wrap-up;

Making: time to talk to authors through the Meet Your Author Series. My Sunday afternoons took on a new format. I love it. I also made time to listen to audiobooks. Previously I thought I would not enjoy them but alas I am hooked.

Eating: vegetable soup with about anything. Lazy cook alert!!

Drinking: water.

Reading: Faith by Itoro Bassey, A Broken People`s Playlist by Chimeka Garricks, A Good Name by Yejide Kilanko, The Baby is Mine by Oyinkan Braithwaite and Woman Fire Grace: A story of redemption and alignment into God`s purpose by Rebecca Kisakye Makyeli.

Wanting: money and travel.

Wasting: No time on things that don`t bring me joy.

Wishing: for travel.

Wondering: about life as a Christian. Christians do you ever wonder about your life as a Christian? Do you have questions? Do things make sense? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Would you remain a Christian if you found out your pastor had `sinned’ in a way you never thought he/she could?

Hoping: to create content consistently.              

Marvelling: at how learning never stops. The more you do something you`re guaranteed to learn a new thing/lesson.

Smelling: chocolate and wine. What a combo!!

Wearing: my hair in dreads.

My LOCS have made a year!!

Following: writers. This has become a fulfilling sport.

Noticing: how I have been dreaming small.

Knowing: that God will not let me down.

Bookmarking: excerpts from Faith by Itoro Bassey.

Feeling: excited about the new month.

Song dedication: Love You So Much by Hillsong Worship.

May June be full of celebrations.

Happy New month!


How was your May?

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3 thoughts on “TAKING STOCK 38

  1. Wanting money & travel..

    Oh yes i ask myself many questions as well as a christian, why am i here? , i dint think i would stop being a christian if my pastor fell , i would be shaken but thats it..

    Excited about June too & i have a ka happy feeling

    Eating :Liiiiiiifeeeeeeee πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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