Taking Stock 30

Taking Stock 30

August has been wonderful to me. I am all smiling as I write this article. I have experienced the goodness of God in big and small ways. I also launched my baby `Meet the Author’ series which I host on Instagram live. We are two episodes in now and I am looking forward to more conversations with authors about their books and writing journeys. In short, I am extremely grateful to God for a wonderful month.

Here is my August wrap-up;

Making: time to pray,work out, read and

Eating: boiled maize which is everything. It’s great as a breakfast snack.

Drinking: hot water with ginger. This hasn`t changed since the year began.

Reading: The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and John and Elizabeth Sherrill; Adavera by Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa and One Day I Will Write About This Place by Binyavanga Wainaina.

Wanting: the service delivery in Uganda to be fast and efficient. Is that too much to ask?

Wasting: no time playing small. This is draining. You are made for more, be more.

Wishing: for two travel experiences before the year ends.

Wondering: about September. I have been daydreaming about it. I am giddy with excitement for what I have seen.

Hoping: to have a fruitful September filled with money-making opportunities, collaborations, and every good thing.

Marvelling: at how much work goes into honing one`s craft. August stretched me on this front but I am grateful to be living purposefully.

Smelling: God`s goodness.

Wearing: my hair in dreads. They are longer now on the fifth mark. I can`t wait to see more length in December.

Following: Eunice Adubango on Facebook and Youtube. If you are into business, this lady has weekly business nuggets she shares across Facebook and youtube. Her content will feed body, spirit, and soul.

Noticing: how organisations and the people who work in them in Uganda are allergic to telling the truth. I have been having issues with UMEME aka the power guys and the month is ending with nothing but promises and no delivery.

Knowing: that God wishes me well. In my mother tongue, it sounds so good, Mukama akugondeza. In August I was convinced that I am God`s favourite child.

Bookmarking: excerpts from the books I`m reading.

Feeling: elated. In July, I talked about the Meet Your Author series which I would be running on Instagram live. I am happy to announce that I have so far held two episodes. In the first episode, I hosted Motswana Writer, Botho Lejowa, author of Meetings with Death. In episode two, I hosted Rachael A.Z Mutabingwa, author of Adavera and Kunda. I look forward to hosting more writers in the new month.

Song dedication: Do it again by Elevation Worship off their 2017 album, There is a Cloud.

As you get into September, maintain a victory posture. God has levelled the ground for you.

Happy New month!


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95 thoughts on “Taking Stock 30

    1. Amen and thank you for being happy with me about my August.😍 How was your August? What did you read? What were you listening to? What did you make time for?

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