Retreat or Locked up ?

Retreat or Locked up ?

The world is under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. In Uganda, we have been in lockdown for over two months. The president issued a directive for the closure of all public spaces: bars, churches, mosques, etc., private and public transportation was banned. With the transport system shut down, work spaces moved into our homes.

As one who loves her space and a deep advocate for ME time, I was happy. The situation didn`t bother me at all.

I had to develop a routine now that home also doubled as a work space. The morning hours (9:00am-12 noon), Monday to Friday were set aside for work. I made it a point to dress up as one going into office during those hours. Those clothes were all the motivation I needed to keep me in a work mode and be productive.

 By 12 noon, I would be ready for my daily afternoon plot which had a wide range of activities like book readings, phone calls, a few hours on social media, watching TV series, dining and walking. A good friend recommended a couple of series that I acquired during phase two of the lockdown. Series like Person of Interest and Marvel`s Agents of Shield; I got complete seasons of all and I must say, I haven`t been disappointed.

All was well in my camp until the two-week extension happened. The one before Nytil masks were mentioned.

Suddenly, I couldn`t keep up with my routine anymore. I was tired, sad and just needed a breather. My hair needed a protective style. I was tired of plaiting Bantu knots, twists and corn rows. In short, the lockdown had finally caught up with me.

I retreated into things that bring me joy one weekend. I took a long walk with a friend, a one hour and 30 minutes’ walk to be precise. The thing about long walks is this-you talk about everything and nothing and then you end up talking about everything. You pour out your guts, allow the other party dissect them, ask tough questions, laugh at your folly, be surprised by your answers but above all, form a friendship. I needed that talk and walk to stretch my legs, mind, and boundary lines.

The long walk was to visit a mutual friend who is the queen of cooking good food. Nothing hits lockdown blues hard like people having a good time over food and drinks. By the time we walked back to our homes, I was refuelled, renewed, joyful and every beautiful feeling. I needed a break within a break. I needed a break on my terms.

How have you been coping during the lockdown?

Because I love music,I leave you with good as hell by Lizzo. She is fierce and fire.

Photo Courtesy: Ninno Jack Photography

9 thoughts on “Retreat or Locked up ?

  1. First of all. Congratulations on this domain thingy??You are goals.

    Lockdown has been both interesting and boring. I was comfortable too for the first two months, and then suddenly I couldn’t breathe anymore. I just wanted out! I took long walks too.

    1. Awwww Lynette,thank you so much. Breaks are a must,that is something lockdown has taught me. Thanks for sending sunshine my way.

    1. Thank you Joseyphina. In Uganda,everything is easing up now though we still have curfew and a few restrictions here and there. Enjoy the learning process.

  2. A was longing for a walk in the lock down but I was confined not because of the lock down but because of my new born baby. Haha life.. I am back to work now a few days away each week is good for me.

    Love the new site. Well done Ray.

  3. I am one of those who cannot wait for the lock down to be lifted because i will actually have an opportunity to take leave from work. Being an “Essential work” is not as much fun as some people may think.

    1. Ronald,I celebrate you as an essential worker and hope you get to rest soon or get that leave when everything is back to normal.

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