Taking Stock 16 & 17: May – June Edition

Taking Stock 16 & 17: May – June Edition

Taking Stock has become a ritual for me on the blog and in my journal.It keeps me sane and grateful. I am able to rediscover things I did in my month and pat myself on the back for a job well done. Plus it is so much fun. So join me for my May and June edition;

Making: time to binge watch series, praying, indoor workouts ,walking and journaling.

Eating: millet porridge with muesli. This is my own concoction and it is worth my breakfast time.

Drinking: ginger tea and water because the thirst is a constant with the sun high up in the sky.

Reading: The Farming of Bones, Breath, Eyes, Memory; Brother, I’m Dying all by Edwidge Danticat, and The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso.

Wanting: more time away from social media. I have been intentional about being away from social media especially on weekends.

Wasting: no time in supporting my friends and their hustles. This is an unpaid for position that has no stress and the work environment is rewarding.

Creating: content now that the new site is up.

Wishing: I could write the novels in my head and never stop until every idea is on paper.

Wondering: how one writes like Edwidge Danticat and Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. Have you read any of their works?

Hoping: for salons to open and I get my hair done.

Marvelling: at Edwidge Danticat`s writing. She is a good story teller and I want to be like her.

Smelling: change in the world. Thanks to COVID-19 nothing will ever be the same again.

Wearing: jeans and hweza tees.

Following: Afro bloggers for the #WinterABC. Bloggers are outdoing themselves and I`m here for it.

Noting: how online friends can open doors for others. I reached out to a certain Uncle of bloggers for help and he gave it-free of charge.

Knowing: that God is still in control amidst the uncertain times. He is the only thing that is keeping me sane.

Bookmarking: quotes from the books I am reading.

Feeling: happy, sad, worried. My feelings have dwindled like the weather. Some days bring happiness, others sadness and many times worrying.

Today,I leave you with God is Always Good by Covenant Worship,a song I have had on replay all June. As you step into July,remember that God is always good.

Love on Love


15 thoughts on “Taking Stock 16 & 17: May – June Edition

        1. The drafting something has me excited and looking forward to the release.Whenever it is ready of course.

  1. I relate on the feelings and am really curious about your concoction.
    Thanks for sharing your stock taking and Uncle B is amazing. Also yayy to the creating content.

    1. Awesome and I hope you get to try out the concoction soon,hehhee. Uncle B is those dope uncles everyone needs in their corner. Thank you for passing by Anita.

  2. Haha, you had me at th concoction??, gal this must be something delish. Yaay to content now that the site is up, am here and ready for all of it??

    Same same.on the feelings but yes God is good and the constant through it all? Thanks for the taking stock, still working through mine..

  3. Yeeessss ,God is always good , even when our feelings dwindle , I like to encourage myself to go through the( e) motions , they’re God given & as & when to look to him to keep the negatives a bay ..

  4. Your stock taking sessions are always refreshing and they encourage to also self reflect. Thanks for always sharing!

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