#BOTY 2019

#BOTY 2019
 Afro Bloggers on twitter are responsible for #BOTY2019 (Best of the Year 2019) blog prompts. Last year,I missed out on it but this year,I`m all for it. A blog ,a day for 25 days.Talk about a challenge!!
Day 1: Movie
And the award for best movie(s) goes to;
1.Avengers End Game
Infinity War left me with a yearning for Avengers End Game. I had to see what happened to my family members,lol!! Thanos is that cousin who always has an  A to Z plan. When plan A fails,he goes for plan B,C,D until they all fail and he has to go down with a fight.
2.John Wick Chapter 3
I went to the cinema with some of my girlfriends and we enjoyed this movie. The action is intense and gruesome.
john wick 33
3. Five feet apart
I’m a sucker for a romantic movie and this was it. Here is a review of the movie: https://tinyurl.com/ycgzt5gt
1587241 (1)
I hope to watch movies from my homeland in 2020.
Please comment with your best movies of 2019. I will definitely be binge watching them all December,lol.
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6 thoughts on “#BOTY 2019

  1. I loved John Wick and wait to see what craziness he gets upto in Chapter 4…..

    If you like romcoms there’s once I watched the other day well it’s not a romantic flick as such, and it’s not quite a comedy but I found it hilarious it’s called the Time Freak…. If you haven’t seen it, do look it up


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