Taking Stock 13

Taking Stock 13

November was a good month.I felt exhilarated from day one and by the last week,I was jittery. I had forgotten ,all about my stock taking series because my queen mother was unwell ,and that was all I could think about. Now that,we are well and back home,I can tell you all about my November.

Making: blog drafts for #BOTY2019 (Best of the Year ),a challenge created by Afrobloggers for bloggers.https://twitter.com/AfroBloggers


Source: Afro Bloggers

Eating: healthy food-salads,boiled Irish potatoes with avocados,millet porridge.


Reading: Daughters who walk this path by Yejide Kilanko

Wanting:more of God

Playing:music. It soothes my soul

Wasting:no time in reading a good book,getting what I want

Creating: blog content  for #BOTY2019.

Wishing: for an overwhelming December -in a good way.

Wondering: about life and death, why we can`t seem t mind our business.

Hoping:for an overwhelming December-in a good way.

Marvelling: at the power of collective effort,power of social media.

Smelling: Christmas.Do you smell it?loool!!

Wearing:sweaters and scarves. Ugandan weather is playing to the tunes of rain and sunshine but I`m ready for both tunes.

Following: God`s leading or at least trying.

Noticing: how growth attracts opportunities,money and so much more.

Knowing: that I have the best support system .

Bookmarking: birthday messages from friends.These revealed to me what they think and know about me. It`s a humbling experience.

Feeling: HAPPY.

Rest in December,

Love on Love


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