Late last year, I enrolled for a mentoring class which kicked off in January 2016. It is dubbed New Generation Mentoring Program and it run for 6 months being a pilot class by the profound lady- Noeline Kirabo,a coach and mentor.  

“The program aims at developing outstanding female leaders. It is an experiential program that nurtures holistic development and equipping of women for kingdom service in the market place.”

The program was action packed, as we had class each Tuesday,had outings in restaurants, Children`s homes,workshops and much more which all nurtured a holistic experience. Do good Tuesdays and gift sharing were my favorite as I had a chance to practice generosity on every front and make it a culture.

In January alone,I read 3 books *claps for self*, 3 books which included As a man thinketh by James Allen, Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach and The Birth Order Book by Dr.Kevin Lehman. I had never read that many books outside a literature class  that alone was my first development.

The Birth Order Book was one of my highlights as it helped me nurture a healthy relationship with my siblings . Previously, I wanted them to do things my way , I never appreciated their efforts because they didn`t measure up to mine. The book taught me that it is okay to be different , that is what makes us special. I enjoy my siblings better now because I know they will never  cook, clean, laugh, cry, skip, dance nor think like me. (that would be boring ). They are each unique and highly opinionated,therefore I must respect them especially their opinions.

The program came to an end in June and I can confidently say those were the most amazing 6 months ever. Each Tuesday I looked forward to NGMP as we had coined it and to our darling teacher of Tuesday. I have certainly been transformed into  person who is enthusiastic about life ,leadership and influence and the dreams I have. The program aimed at

My role now is to also take on a group of ladies and mentor them as I have been mentored and allow them discover who they are and live out their full potential as they achieve their dreams.

I encourage you to enroll for the upcoming  classes in January 2017(New Generation Mentoring Program) for growth is not by accident ,it is intentional.

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