Last week I was feeling overwhelmed , fatigued and downcast , I needed to know that someone is praying for me. I felt like Mary Jane or is it Lois Lane sheltering all the issues of a one Clark Kent who is allegedly a superhero.

I got to a friend and asked him to uphold me in prayer because I just didn`t trust my prayers alone to hold me. Funny ,huh!!!

My energy was zapped at the tick of the clock that all i could murmur were scriptures like “By YOUR stripes i am healed.” Not the stripes of a zebra but of the sovereign LORD.

A friend sent through a couple of songs i had asked from him and there was a song i had not requested for but blessed me and i had it on replay. Let your power fall by James Fortune & Fiya featuring Zacardi Cortez. Powerful song and it ministered to me that morning when my body was feeling week and my spirit was weary.

The pain left my body and my spirit was jump started to praise and tongues overflowed.There was an over flow in my spirit and i was rejuvenated.

I declared in space that God had won again because no battle is too hard for my Father. He has won every battle for ME and You. You need to believe it until it sinks into your spirit and penetrates your souls and flesh.

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Have the word on replay until your faith is built.

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