Taking Stock 14

Taking Stock 14

Making: Time to pray and read fiction books by African writers.

Eating: avocado. I always have an excuse to eat avocado.


Drinking: Tea with ginger and cinnamon

Reading: Kintu by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi. One of my  friends said, this book is good because Jennifer knows how to gossip properly,like a Ugandan. She is simply brilliant and touches on key issues in the book. Read it when you can this year.

Wanting:more of God. Like  Sinach said in her song,More of You,' The more I know You is the more I want to know you,Jesus More of You....``

Playing:music because it`s good for the soul.Boom play allows me to create my own playlists. How cool is that?

Wasting:no time.

Creating: 2020 blog content .

Wishing: for 2020 to overwhelm me with money, books, travel and every good thing.

Wondering: about the plan for the Ugandan weather-its undecided lately.

Hoping:for good news.

Marveling: at authors who are brilliant writers.

Smelling: hopes and dreams.

Wearing: my hair in a protective style and warm clothing everywhere because Ugandan weather is here to rain,lol!!

Following: God`s leading or at least trying.

Noticing: how by doing something daily, a habit is formed.

Knowing: that I have a clean slate to make new memories on.

Bookmarking: Testimonies from the Worship Harvest Praise & Testimonies group on Facebook. https://tinyurl.com/yct3oreg

Feeling: HAPPY

Happy new month.

Love in February,

Love on Love


17 thoughts on “Taking Stock 14

    1. Yasss, Is there anything too hard for our God? Nothing. Hehe you shall, don’t wait to have what we term as big testimonies ?
      May you have your share of God’s goodness and shout it out for all of us to know before the first week of February ends.

  1. So I like more of you by Sinach, I am thinking of us meeting so I can borrow your African writers fiction books and save my money.
    And the thread of comments is funny.

    1. I love Sinach a whole lot.

      Hahaha, well because I work at African Writers Trust I can get books from our library but can’t give them away. I have a few personal copies that I can share, definitely.

      Thanks for passing by here Anita.

      1. Either way, a partnership will be good for me.
        As for passing by, I do enjoy the stories, thoughts and lessons

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