Taking Stock 51

Taking Stock 51

June has been a month of firsts across the board! Joy existed in chaos. My gratitude jar is overflowing but so is my complaint list.😢😢

I fell sick suddenly!! My body gave way. I took time off to reset and heal. A friend aptly said,”your body is falling apart.” My body has recently come back to me. As June ends, I am starting to feel like myself again.

Aside from sickness, I learnt that networking works when strategically done. All the motivational speaker notes on networking suddenly make sense.

Let`s dive into my June update:

Making: time to walk, rest, eat on time and share my gift(s) with the world.

Eating:  soft foods because my teeth are being dramatic!

Drinking: water and wine because Jesus turned water into wine. pun intended!

Reading: Here Comes the Sun by  Nicole Dennis-Benn, Widows Wear Lipstick by Martha Kyoshaba Twinamatsiko. Read Here Comes The Sun on Scribd.

Listening: to music from playlists I have curated. Adding playlist curator to my bio!!

Wanting: money,travel and a vacation.

Wishing: for a breakthrough.

Wondering: about people’s behaviour on social media.

Hoping: for a life full of abundance, love, good health and positive vibes.

Marvelling: at how much I enjoy sharing knowledge with young people. I was privileged to speak at Vijana Corps Leadership Talks which they host monthly at their hubs in Mukono, Pakwach and Mbale. I shared on embracing self discovering. I had a fantastic time. I was buzzing with energy and pure gratitude.

Smelling: a new season.

Wearing: my hair in dreadlocks. I have a style that suits me. My face lights up each time I go with this style.

Following: Lolwe. Have you read Issue 7 yet? Stop everything you are doing and get to it now.

Noticing: that transitions require patience with others and most importantly with yourself.

Knowing: that God is always at work. Trust the God of the process.

Bookmarking: excerpts from the books I`m reading.

Feeling: grateful for the work that has come my way this month.

Song dedication: Feelings by Dre Scot. This song is a  balm for every heart.

May you experience new beginnings in July .

Happy new month!!

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