Taking Stock 34

Taking Stock 34

I was faced with uncertainty when the New Year rolled in. I had no plans. I was anxious about not having a plan since I am a planner-or I like to think of myself as a planner. A few days in, I made a prayer and got peace to take it one day at a time. Relief washed over me as rain quenches a thirsty ground. I felt rejuvenated. Now I feel ready for the year.

January started on an anxious note but ended on a certain note. I am overjoyed and ready to get into February.

Here is my January wrap-up;

Making: time to pray, walk, work out and blog. By now, you know I am a woman of prayer. hehe!! Prayer is my lifeline. Walking in the evenings has become a good habit. I sometimes walk with Tikia. (Check out her blog) Blog scheduling is a lifesaver. Try it.

Eating: gonja aka plantain steamed & roasted. I LOVE gonja.

Drinking: tea with sweet and spicy herbs; rosemary, kisubi leaves, cardamom.

Reading: The Bread the Devil Knead by Lisa Alen-Agostini, My Name is Why by Lemn Sissay (Bookclub pick), Butter Honey Pig Bread by Francesca Ekywuyasi, His Only Wife by Peace AdzoMedie, Life in the Single Lane by Anita Komukama, This is Me by Patricia Opio, The Secret Lives of Church Ladies by Deesha Philyaw.

Wanting: a part-time job. I am good at communications, writing (blog articles, newsletter), creating content, social media management & project coordination. I need to make extra cash to live the life I want. So hook your girl up. DM on Twitter if you have a lead.

Wasting: no time playing small. I am taking charge of my life to create the life I want.

Wishing: for travel to experience book festivals this year.

Wondering: about February. Will rum and raisin chocolate plus wine come my way? Hehe! Will flowers from Nineteen Twenty One reach me at work or my doorstep. Eh! I need them for my photoshoot-the flowers. They have the cutest bouquets I have ever seen. Will I blog consistently?

Hoping: to create content consistently.              

Marvelling: at how much work goes into honing one`s craft. This never gets old. Consistency is a habit that we all need to build.

Smelling: freedom. Curfew was lifted in Uganda. We can stay out late. I love it. I stayed out late with the besties and that was one of my best days in January. Wine, laughter, pizza and good company all in one night!!

Wearing: my hair in dreads. It’s longer y`all.

Following: bookstagrammers.

Noticing: how no one can dream for you. You have to dream and chase that dream. No one else will.

Knowing: that God is faithful. He never leaves His people without help.

Bookmarking: excerpts from the books I`m reading.

Feeling: excited about my plans for the year.

Song dedication: any song by TANK. This man understands the Rn B assignment so well. Get to Spotify and listen to some jams to usher you into February.😍

Pace yourself as you get into February. One day at a time.

Happy New month!

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How was your January?

10 thoughts on “Taking Stock 34

    1. hahahaha, I have clearly not been working for flowers. But I shall cue some self care monies for the chocolate wine. thank you Benjamin for the warm compliments.

  1. Prayer is indeed a lifeline I can relate… Was nice catching up with you here. Happy New Month to you. I finally found someone who reads books more than I hahahah .

  2. First off, this is my sign to get back to blogging! The blog really has cob webs😰😰and I still want it. Enjoyed reading what you have been up to. January has been meeehhh!!! A whole lot of downs, Covid, mixed feelings and everything else! Hoping February is different, filled with opportunities and clarity! And Yess! The amount of work that goes to horning one’s craft!! Eehh!!

    1. Yaaaay follow the sign and get back to blogging. I hope you have the energy and are in the creative pace to blog. Thanks for passing by corner of the internet.

  3. Hey Racheal, now I understand what you do. 😅 Well I do love freedom so yeah… Lifting curfew was the best gift the president gave us this year😂😂😂 STAYING UP ALL NIGNT NOW… In my bed though😂😂

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