I passed by Carrefour at Lugogo on the last day of September to purchase some essentials since my period was rearing its head. This time around I had two weeks of low energy, mood swings and lower back pain. I struggled to complete 25-30 minutes workouts each morning. Walking has been a chore for someone who likes to walk. Each month seems to show up with its own pomp and flair!!

Previous pre-period episodes have consisted of cravings, headaches, cold feet in spite of high temperatures, lower back pain, stomach pouch (ladies can we talk about this pouch? Are we kangaroos?), etc.

As I shopped for tampons and chocolate, it hit me that with each period, I have essentials that I purchase aka the period care package thus the birth of this article. Here are some essentials I purchase alongside those I practise.

Essentials I purchase:


I have always been a pads girl since that’s the starter pack for most adolescent girls. But last year, I fully began using tampons without pads in between. I love tampons for their versatility. They do not cause inflammation in your lady parts. They are not messy!

I use Kortex or OB Original. Carrefour has a variety of tampons to choose from which is why I make those monthly trips from Wakiso to Kampala! I tried the Cotton brand from the UK which has a good texture and feels good but could not contain my flow. I found myself having to change multiple times in one day! Yet with Kortex or OB, I even forget I`m wearing one.

If you`re new to the tampon world, here are a few things to note: They come in three levels: super, normal and mini. Kortex has all three and OB two. Super is for the heavy flow, normal (lighter flow) and mini (for those days of spotting when the period is drawing to an end.) Please note that this is purely based on my experience.

I always buy super for the first three days of my period and normal for the last two days. As you know ladies, each month comes with changes: heavy, light, very light flow. Simply pay attention to your body flow and buy what works best for you.

This is not a sponsored ad. If you’re into pads, maintain them.

Super and normal each cost ugx 8,9000.

Dark Chocolate

With low energy levels, dark chocolate is my pick-me-up drug. I usually go for Cadbury’s rum and raisin but this time around, I settled for E. Wedel`s Dark (Pinna Cotta Flavour) which has a luxurious taste. A friend introduced me to it and he called it an upgrade. ( Shade I took in good stride!)

Let it be known that during my periods my sugar cravings go up a notch. The sugar neutralizes the sexual tension in your body. (How come no one told me about this in school?)

Dark Panna Cotta flavour and Dark Mild at ugx 8000 each.


I am a socks lover with numerous colourful pairs to ascertain this claim. During my menstrual cycle, my feet are ice cold and I have to continually stick them under the sun and wear socks regardless of the high temperatures of the day.

I have stocked up on socks throughout the year there is no need for more purchases until further notice.

Toilet bag

I have two toilet bags that are used interchangeably depending on where I am going. The toilet bag carries more tampons, knickers, pocket tissues, lip gloss, wet wipes and lotion. I never used to understand why women advised fellow women to have an extra pair of panties but now I do. This bag is what you carry around in your handbag as you go to work, travel, attend a party, etc.

Essential habits I practise each month:

A flask of hot tea

You bet my flask is full of tea infused with kisubi aka lemon grass and mujaja (African basil/holy basil). The two herbal spices have a calming effect on my body, especially my stomach pouch. hahaha!!


I am naturally an early-to-bed kinda person but during the monthlies, I crave quality sleep. I wish I could take leave each month to stay curled up in my bed reading, eating chocolate, drinking tea and watching something funny.


My energy levels drop from 80% to 10% during my menstrual cycle. However, when I work out (usually for 25-30 minutes), I am renewed!! I grudgingly work out because I know the benefits. If routine workouts are not your thing, utilize daily walks.

There you have it. I am pleased to know that I take care of myself during my monthlies. I stop for me. Do you stop for yourself?

What does your period care package consist of?

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  1. My period package should have comfy underwear🤗, savoury foods (no sweet stuff), ginger, painkillers . But a hot water bottle is mandatory in winter because the cramps can be something else🥺🥺

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