Mother’s Day special

Mother’s Day special

Mother’s day is here and I am excited to write something about my mum.

My siblings and I came up with a list of lessons our mum has passed on to us over the years.Here is the list  in no particular order:

+Family is the strongest bond. We are a close knit family and share everything. My mum’s siblings are the best and my jaja -means grand mother takes the award for the best jaja in the entire world.

+Listen to your children,what they say is important . My mum listens to us all and it’s humbling. In turn we have learnt to listen to each other even if what we hear we don’t agree with.

+Apologize when in wrong. My mum apologizes to us. I know the notion that African parents don’t apologize to their kids but my mum does and it’s humbling??.

+How you talk to people is important. She always says, ba nembaaza.

+Heritage. We speak our languages well and where we don’t know, we consult her and she will explain. We know where we come from and what forms our identity.

+Be patient. There is a time for everything. Don’t be in a rush.

+Put yourself out there because in the process you meet new people,explore new environments and land opportunities that will never leave you the same.

+Listen to your elders and follow their counsel.

+Give yourself time. Things eventually fall into place.

+Be happy always.

+Hard work is a great virtue. She always says, ‘atakora talya” literally translated to mean ,he who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat??.

+Discipline yourself. Is there anything that can be achieved without discipline?

+When dating, otemarayo ??.

+As you work, save some cash and better yourself.

+Never settle for less. Mum always pushes us to do better, desire more and aim for the very best.

What lessons has your mother or guardian passed on to you?

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. You are awesome.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day special

  1. This is beautiful Rycho. I know you have a super mum not because I know her but because I know the creative, sweet, dependable, courageous, go getter girls that she nurtured.
    My love to her!!!

  2. It feels like most of the values i have I picked from my mother.
    I will just pick one to share .
    She taught me about Jesus not with words alone but with actions.
    She taught me that He is our source and no one else.
    Without words, she showed me that a great marriage Is possible: that submission isn’t weakness but strength, that a woman is the maker of her home..

    Eeehh menyeki ndekeki! !!

    1. Woooooow, these are beautiful lessons from your mother. I had such a long list I couldn’t exhaust it all without making the article look like a never ending thingi, haha. Thanks Gloria for passing by

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