Meet Your Author Season 2 is back!!

Meet Your Author Season 2 is back!!

My baby is back!! Do not try to run a passion project alongside a full time job. It is suicidal but rewarding.

After pondering on whether I should come back with season 2 of Meet Your Author ,here I am choosing to torture myself and the great people who help with production. Listen to season one here and here.

I have been recording episodes with great writers from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda and I can`t wait for you to listen to them all. I have had the utmost fun.

We will kick off episode one with a live recording of me and Martha Kyoshaba Twinamasiko in conversation during her ‘mini book launch’ of her memoir, Widows Wear Lipstick. A memoir that examines the taboo concept of widowhood through a fresh and tender perspective.

I am grateful to the wonderful people at Goethe-Zentrum Kampala/Uganda German Cultural Society for collaborating with me on this episode.

If you`re in Uganda, join us on Wednesday 19th July at 5:30 pm EAT at Goethe-Zentrum Kampala library on Bukoto street (opposite Millenium Terrace hotel) for some literary goodness. The book will be on sale at ugx 50,000.

Listen to season one here and here.

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