A letter to Poverty

A letter to Poverty

Dear poverty,

I am really being nice to you considering the fact that you have been nothing close to nice to ME.You have clad me with impoverishment over the years and one would think you would forgive me after living in my family tree tracing back to over 50 or more years.

I never understood why i preferred to stay with you than with your sworn enemy -giving.

I tried my hand at giving out clothes but you, YES, you convinced me that others would rock them better than myself. did I mention you cause jealousy and envy too?

Like a disgruntled child afraid of her mother, I gave in to your pleas.

I tried my hand again because in Uganda , you just don`t give up.You keep trying until you get it right. This time determined to share my knowledge of what i have learned in my short 20 something years, and BOOM!! I heard you yet again whisper silently but firmly ,“others will be better than you.”

Tired of going through the same circle, I purposed to seek something better , make new friends who understood me and my desire to give and share.


Image result for poverty clipartsLove found me and whispered softly to me,“giving is life. Generosity is repentance from poverty.”

Give without holding back of all you have ranging from time, clothes, books, knowledge, smiles, acts of service, money, talent, listening ear………

We are all rich and ought to share our wealth with the world.

Your once faithful servant,


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